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Artist Talk: openhagen and Goodman & Gallows

Date + time: February 19, 7pm
Location: Flux Factory, 39-31 29th Street, Long Island City

Tina Helen and Eva La Cour from the Copenhagen-based collective openhagen will join the dialogue on collective practices initiated by Flux Factory at Congress of Collectives in October 2011. openhagen will approach the discourse from an urban politics angle, based on the concept of advanced capitalism and neoliberalism as indexes of the world we live in, yet not descriptive of the situation we find ourselves in. openhagen is engaged in an investigation of the particular situation of everyday life in Copenhagen as an image on a more globalized development. At Flux Factory, openhagen will host a discussion taking off from their particular experiences of (counter-) working in the urban space and most recently within the Danish university system.

Goodman and Gallows will also present tit-bits from research, conversation and speculation. Their work investigates how vagrant folk and legislative law influences the way we navigate space, place and collisions. A wandering English woman (Goodman) washed up after a voyage across the Atlantic interprets an ex-pat American’s (Gallows) schoolboy education to stitch together their patchwork knowledge of the history of American wanderlust. Radicalized by friendship, Goodman and Gallows’ collective formed in a squat in Stamford Hill, pre-Occupy and post UK student movement 2010.

The discussion will take place around a potluck dinner in our communal kitchen. Please bring something delicious to share!

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