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Quality Programming : for Against Competition / Towards Mutual Aid

Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid is proud to announce the following :

Saturday February 11th / Sunday, February 12th

SATURDAY February 11th

6pm – 7pm – Projection in the Park: Site-Specific Projection @ Dutch Kill Greens created by current Flux Artist, Razan AlSalah, in collaboration with participating artists and friends.

7pm – 8pm – Feminist Cocktail Party @ Flux Factory
Artist extroardinaire, Moira Williams presents 1-877-FEMINIST COCKTAIL PARTY – a telephone hot line for everybody, a multilingual conversation around the many different forms of feminism, and a cocktail party.

8pm – 10pm – PARADISO: a subversive party
Cosmic artist, J Triangular presents PARADISO an evening of strong musical women w/ Coatie Pop + Space Meow Doll + Alice Cohen

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“These unauthorized transmissions and sensorial video creations oppose the oppressive regime of the empire. Everything starts with the major arcana: the chariot, and we also invoke The Star- our revolutionary Hope, this collaborative project unites music, performance and live video, all happening in the interior of a chariot, autos full of mirrors and lights and crystals. Seven music videos, three monitors, videosynthetizers and VHS.

We use the cinema as a pedagogical instrument to summon
the energy to resist. An expansion of perceptive possibilities,
psychological dimensions of sensorial experimentation
and self-liberation. Horror fantasies with live music, madness and moonlight ceremonies in rebellion against the current wave of neofascism.

We invoke the total openness of being, to explosive effect; complete love to all cosmic intensities and vibrations;
connectivity with others; each human life is sacred.” – Alice Cohen

SUNDAY February 12th

6pm – Against Commodification! How? A panel discussion on how artist strategies to shift art and its power away from systems of commodification and into community building, self-affirmation, solidarity-building and constructive social impact. Curated by Patricia Silva.

Ayana Evans, performance artist, curator
Ayana’s body is her work and material. Inventor of #OperationCatSuit.

Kris Grey, artist, educator
Gender-queer multi-disciplinary artist who co-produces workshops and performances that use the power of perceptions to reveal how individuals interface with systems of power and control.

Helen Ho, community organizer, activist bureaucrat
Works with issues of equity and access in public parks, play spaces, and healthy eating. Founded and organized the first Tour de Queens for Transportation Alternatives and co-founded the Youth Bike Summit for Recycle-A-Bicycle.

Jesal Kapadia, un-artist/de-activator
A multi-disciplinary artist exploring potential forms of non-capitalist subjectivities. From 2001-2015, Jesal collectively edited art for ‘Rethinking Marxism’ (a journal of economics, culture and society) as well as organized and participated in events with members of 16beaver group.


Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid is a collaborative arts project between ABC No Rio and Flux Factory.

Artists participating in Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid include Razan AlSalah, Rachel Brown, Lee Brozgol, Kerry Cox, Elizabeth Demaray, Rachel Haberstroh, Robert Hieger, Rachel Hillery, Christopher Lin, Jemila MacEwan, Firoz Mahmud, Liz Naiden + Anatole Hocek, Patrícia Silva, Alex Strada, Julieta Triangular, Moira Williams, Ariel Zakarison, and Joanie Fritz Zosike.

This project is organized by ABC No Rio Visual Arts Collective members Vandana Jain, Mike Estabrook, Brian George, and Steven Englander, and Flux Factory Artists-In-Residence Eleni Zaharopoulos and Christina Freeman.

Against Competition/Towards Mutual Aid is supported in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts.

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