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5 films on the line between comedy and video art
Saturday, August 23rd
8pm, $5 suggested donation for the filmmakers

Josh and Zak Sandler
Zhe Zhe
Soda Jerk
Lena Hawkins & Michael DiPietro
Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely
Organized by Alex Nathanson

DAWN OF REMIX, Soda Jerk (2004, 2:30)
EPISODE 4: ZHEMALE TROUBLE, Zhe Zhe (2014, 15:54)
PERVERSE FEAR, Michael DiPietro and Lena Hawkins (2014, 18:00)
BASEBALLS: FAMILY OUTING, Josh and Zak Sandler (2012, 6:06)
LETTERS TO JOHN GRISHAM, Alex Nathanson & Dylan Neely (2014, 17:17)

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