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August 24-25 2002 – Commute Festival

a mammoth of a music festival

Including: Fever Monument, Massachusetts based post punk with powerful lyrics. T.K. Webb, Brooklyn based spooky blues singer/ songwriter. Gene Dreamy and Gary Sincere, poppy Brooklyn duo with hauntingly catchy songs. The Fontaine Toups, female fronted pop group featuring Fontaine of Versus. The Anomoanon, Ned Oldham’s southern rock project on palace records. German Cars vs. American Homes schizophrenic, politically active, visually exciting Brooklyn Mega Group. Dynamite Club, obscure punk band fronted by a crazy Japanese guy and rounded out with dissonant horns. Bailies Band, Massachusetts based punky 3 piece featuring big metal grooves. Neptune, Boston based art punk, featuring all scrap metal instruments and a great live show. Modern Day Urban Barbarians, Brooklyn based live drum and bass duo playing effects-heavy noise rock. Centuries, tense, exciting electronic 2 piece from NYC. The Negatones, NYC’s noise pop heroes unleash their dissonant guitar and quirky keyboard sounds to make this set a noisy one. The Ex Models, NYC quirky, raucous, frenetic math rock. Flux Information Sciences hard driving electronic act from Brooklyn with a showy live presence. Ghost Exits, Brooklyn based electronic 3 piece featuring dancey beats and a guitar that sounds like glass shattering.

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