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The Tulsa Swinton Variety Hour

Saturday, July 9th, 7 pm

Sunday, July 10th, 4 pm  (matinee)

70 Minute duration


Flux Factory is pleased to present The Tulsa Swinton Variety Hour, a play created in collaboration with The Aesthetic of Waste and several Flux artists. The installation transforms Flux’s white box gallery into a colorful, unpredictable, and disposable theater-labyrinth. As the show progresses, an armada of miniature trains will gently guide audience members through a series of 20 backdrops. The show is designed by Abigail Entsminger and directed by Seth Timothy Larson, both current artists in residence at Flux Factory.

This July, cool off with a dip in the Franzia fountain and a scoop of chrysanthemum and tobacco ice cream in the Pepsi-Kinsey Television Studios. World-renowned actress and producer Tulsa Swinton invites you to the final taping of her long-running, highly-influential television program. To celebrate the end, Tulsa will be conducting the interviews that she’s always wanted, but that have either been censored or suppressed by the Walton Family of Networks. Special appearances will be made by business mogul Teresa Franzia, and America’s favorite President James-Michael Carnegie-Kennedy, among other cultural luminaries.

Tulsa will grapple with her memories, her looming death, and the legacy of her sister, Tilda Swinton, who is widely believed to have disappeared at sea as a teen. Having had her personal tragedies and triumphs broadcast from an early age, Tulsa will use her last spotlight to preserve her vision of the past. To highlight the immediacy of her broadcast, an elite squad of Production Assistants will carry out the carefully calculated destruction of every backdrop, prop, and show artifact once it has outlived it’s purpose. This will truly be Tulsa’s final hour.

The Aesthetic of Waste is a performance collective which has created original theater and installations for the Overtime Theater, AtticRep, Luminaria Arts Festival and the Houston Fringe Festival. Abigail Entsminger and Seth Timothy Larson have recently shown works in the Fung Wah Biennial and Title:Point Theater’s SalON!.

Join Flux Factory and the Aesthetic of Waste for a night of theater that promises exquisite artistry, collapsible sets, the Fountain of Youth, several automobile-actors, and a final night with America’s Sweetest Heart and People Magazine’s Premiere Sexual Progressive of 2012: Tulsa Swinton! Music, intrigue and fist fights! Featuring performances and designs by Chelsea Taylor, Judson Rose, Jason Eppink, Lena Hawkins, Michael DiPietro, Caitlin Gjerdrum, Cate Davis, Redding Baker, Sam Weiner, and more.


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