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2004 Exhibit 


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Cartunnel: a Comix Fluxture

The artists: established and emerging cartoonists, illustrators, and graphic novelists. The project: create a maze of intersecting paths in the Flux Factory gallery space over which comic book characters will interact and develop. Visitors are invited to walk through the maze and experience a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story, with side-plots, dead-ends, and parallel narrative universes, created in a collaborative atmosphere. Depending on which directions visitors choose at various junctures along the way, the course of the story will be altered accordingly. A visitor would be able to walk through the maze several times and see different versions and permutations of the narrative each time they do. The Comix Fluxture takes comic art and illustration seriously as a vibrant contemporary art form, but not by refusing to have fun.

Cartünnel was made possible by the generous support of the following: The Puffin Foundation – Queens Council on the Arts – Mocca Art Festival – Materials for the Arts – Metropolitan Lumber – Rheingold Beer


On Saturday and Sunday, July 10th and 11th at 2 p.m., Jason Little will present a lecture with slides on the process and product of the Cartünnel project at MoCCA, the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. After the lecture, Mr. Little will take all attendees by the hand and lead them on a field trip to visit the Cartünnel at the Flux Factory. The museum is located in Manhattan at 594 Broadway (between Houston & Prince), Suite 401. For directions call (212) 254-3511. For more information about MoCCA, visit

Participating Artists:

Woojung Ahn‘s illustrations have appeared in the New York TimesCricket Magazine and in Kitchen Sink Magazine. Her first book, Adventure of the Right Hand, is forthcoming from New Suit press. Visit her website at

Vanessa Davis has contributed comics to the True Pornanthology and the forthcoming Scheherazade. She is the author of the solo minicomic Spaniel Rage.

Andrea Dezso is an artist, designer, writer, and educator. She is full-time faculty at Parsons School of Design and an artist represented by the Jack Tilton Gallery in New York City. Andrea’s illustrations have appeared in the New York Times Book Review. She is a contributor to Print Magazine. Her fiction was published in McSweeney’s. She lives in New York City. Her work can be seen at 

Daupo is an illustrator and comic artist who has shown work in galleries throughout the city and abroad. He is currently working on a number of comic strip projects. Daupo’s work can be viewed at

Alex Holden is a Cartoonist and the author of The City is My Garden, a self-published comic book about a mysterious man who secretly tends to the flora of the city.

Aya Kakeda does illustrations for a number of prominent publications including The New Yorker, she has been asked to present work for New Visual Artist 2003 in Print Magazine, American Illustration Web 2003 & 2002, RSVP, and the International Print Center 2003 competition. She recently received Best in Show at the competition in Post Her work can be viewed at

Joy Kolitsky is a Brooklyn based artist who has studied printmaking in Florence, Italy and received a BFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach. Her work has appeared at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, the Wall Street Journal, MTV, Hanna-Barbera, and the New York Times and can be viewed at

Wendi Koontz‘s illustrations have appeared in the New York TimesPlayboy, Bust Magazine, and American Cheerleader. Visit her website at

Yunmee Kyong received an MFA from the School of Visual Arts in 2002. She has published work in World of Interior, Bazaar, Premier, Sky Magazine, Cine 21, and The New York Times. Her work can be seen at

Jason Little has been drawing cartoons since he was a child. In addition to the graphic novel Shutterbug Follies, he has also written and illustrated the Xeric Award-winning Jack’s Luck Runs Out, as well as a number of short works for various cartoon anthologies. He has been published by Fantagraphics, Drawn and Quarterly, Top Shelf, and D.C. Comics. His work can be viewed at


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