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RUFF Chess

Greenpoint’s 1st Annual Human Chess-to-the-Death Match
Saturday, July 31, 3 pm
@ The School of the Future, Dougherty Park

A battle between Residency Unlimited’s Santo Tolone, a renowned Italian conceptual artist and two-time Milano Chess Invitational Champion, versus Flux Factory’s locally lauded Douglas Paulson, at Greenpoint’s 1st Annual Human Chess-to-the-Death Match. Please join these competitors on the sidelines, or better yet: on the battlefield. It will take nerves of steel to be one of the 32 pieces. This is not an exercise in standing still. There will be dance moves, cussing, war-cries, face painting, and many secret tricks up your sleeves. (Those sleeves, drinks, and tricks will be provided.)

To participant in this cruel game of wits, please contact with the subject “RUFF Chess.”

God speed you, Chess Champions of NYC-based arts residencies!

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