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May 29th 2004 – U.B.I.S.A.C.

Saturday, May 29, 6 p.m. UBISAC 1.0
The First Ubiquitous Computing, Systems Aesthetics Championship

UbiSACArtists from all over are coming together to face the first UbiSAC challenge. Each piece addresses a specific challenge put forth by this year’s host organization, The Holders of the Sac `04.
More information about this year’s exhibition can be found at

Artists Include:
sliv and dulet from SF,CA: “as of May 29, 2004”
Randy Sarafin from NYC: “The Most Important Statement About the Speed of Time Ever ”
Made by Me
Donnie Bugden from NYC: “Everyone’s a Weiner!”
Ubicomp Krew from Berlin,DE: “RIPLfield”
James Rouvelle from NYC: “Robotomy”
Holders of the SAC ’04 from NYC:
“Haptic Experiment in Transmission of Volumetric Spheres”
Holders of the SAC’04 from NYC: “Voting Tool”

The hosts: The Flux Factory, James Rouvelle, Nurit Bar-Shai, Michael Bernstein, Mark Driscoll, Carlos Giffoni, Clay Johnson, Itti Karuson, Jason Lee, Alison Lewis, Yeonju Shim, Dong Jun Song

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