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Flux Thursday: July 11, 2013



Thursday, July 11th, 8pm+

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck and art salon! Dinner starts at 8pm, with presentations and screenings to follow at 9:30. Alan Webber of Rural Route Films will show a series of shorts and trailers in anticipation of the upcoming eponymously-titled film festival. Miriam Castillo, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who ventures in custom design services, has made us fabulous placemats for dinner and will be screening her video work. Flux artist-in-residence Piero Passacantando will present MyNerva, part of the The Hive at the Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts. Rana Santacruz, a pioneer of “Mexican Bluegrass” or “Irish Mariachi,” will serenade us with tales of funerals, loyal dogs, and towns flooded with tears.

In other news, the 11th is totally Georgia Muenster‘s birthday!!! As ever, bring drinks or something tasty to share.

Photo courtesy of Rana Santacruz.

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