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Tutti Frutti : Exhibition by Will Owen

Will_Owen_TuttiFruittiMay 5th, 6th & 7th, 2017

Gallery hours

Friday, May 5th
7pm – 10 pm

Saturday, May 6th
2pm – 6 pm

Sunday, May 7th
5pm – 8 pm




Opening Reception and Dance Party
Friday May 5, 2017   7pm – 10pm

Body Positive Follow The Leader Style Dance-eoke Aerobics
Saturday May 6, 2017   5pm – 6pm

Fruit Salad Closing Reception
Sunday May 7, 2017 5pm – 8pm

“We’re going to fight fire with marshmallows.” Leslie Zevo, 1992.

Tutti Frutti is a solo exhibition of works by multidisciplinary artist, composer, and curator Will Owen.

The exhibition explores and challenges ideas of the collective human psyche as a “sum of all parts.” Using sound, food, technology, and installation design, Will draws reference from cellular cytoplasm, Little Richard, Kool-Aid, Junior High School, Stockhausen’s “Space Music,” and aerobic exercise. Addressing the universal reality that sometimes we all make ourselves seem smaller in order to make ourselves more consumable, Will is interested in imploding the pat concept of “no man is an island” into “EVERYONE is an interlocked Pangaea, y’all.”

The exhibition space itself will be a meandering sculptural and sonic installation, and cellular dead zone, the artist using  a signal canceling device to incite visitors to interact more clearly with each other and the works..

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