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Collaborative Means

Date: Wednesday October 19th
Time: 7 pm

Part of Congress of Collectives, Collaborative Means brings together a series of artists working both collaboratively and collectively, relying on cooperative strategies for the realization of ambitious projects.  Artists included have practices that exist on the streets of densely populated cities, on Twitter, on boats, at factory parties, in video works and films, and in a variety of academic, DIY, and artistic institutions. Through talks, screenings, and live performances, artists in Collaborative Means will be addressing the notion of ownership in collaborations, how to unify masses, audience as collaborators, and the distinction between working as a collaboration and as a collective.

Viewers can expect to participate in a performance by gorgeousTaps and the Reality Show, see collectively-produced video works, built objects and performance documentation from Flux Factory and Madagascar Institute, and experience presentations by artists who have abandoned or expanded traditional alone-in-the-studio artist practices. This event is organized by Angela Washko in conjunction with Congress of the Collectives at Flux Factory. Participating artists include: Man Bartlett, Genevieve Belleveau aka gorgeousTaps, Flux Factory, Jaime Iglehart, Madagascar Institute, Oleg Mavromati and Boryana Rossa, Jeff Stark, and Angela Washko.

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