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Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop

February 4 @ 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Since Homer, poets have turned to works of art—the artwork functioning as a muse, or as a means by which the poet can critically examine something outside of the artwork, using it as an entry point. But how does this classic writing technique relate to contemporary installation or process-based art? How can ekphrasis be applied to immersive media environments where the veneration of a traditional art object is absent? Explore these questions with poet Ariel Yelen, who will provide readings, conversation, and generative writing prompts for ekphrastic writing amid Flux artist-in-residence Kyung-jin Kim‘s solo exhibition, Nothing Personal

Open to all ages and levels of experience.
Please RSVP on Facebook

Iinstallation shot of Sincerely by Kyung-jin Kim, 2017

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