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Flux Thursday: Tongue Tide

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Thursday, July 13

Flux Thursday for the Flux Major Exhibition:
Tongue Tide

7PM Potluck
Please bring something to share!

8PM Performances by Maribel Plasencia and Purgatory Pie Press.

9:30PM Dance Party
Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

Performance by Maribel Plasencia

“Mango” utilizes movement, text, and sound to understand the experience of bilingualism in the U.S. This piece investigates changing attitudes towards one’s native language across time and the manner in which cultural environments affect these shifts. “Mango” returns to sensory processes in order to find comfort in a duality that often creates tension.
Maribel is an artist currently pursuing a PhD in clinical psychology. She is based in New Jersey and works in collaboration with her twin sister, Marisa, to develop stories through movement/dance.
Follow Maribel on Instagram: @maribelplasencia
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