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Flux Thursday: June 13, 2013

Thursday, June 13th, 8pm+

Join us for Borderless, a special version of Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck and salon! Dinner starts at 8pm, with artist presentations during dinner, starting at 8:30.

This month Flux Thursday turns its attention to artists and creators, from across the globe, who are working outside of their home country. Borderless, organized by Flux Artist-in-Residence Marco Castro, will take over the Flux kitchen and roof to create a multi-course and multi-sensory feast. A menú of broad bean and cactus soup will be prepared by Rocio Patricia Tavales, originally a chemical engineer from Puebla, who has since cooked alongside renowned Mexican Chef Zarela Martinez.

Presentations by:
French visual artist, documentarian, and scenographer, Stéphane Pauvret will screen an extract from “Landless,” a documentary inspired by the experience of a real place (Sao Paulo), and its architecture of survival, created by the inhabitants crowded at its outskirts. Pauvret followed and filmed the production of a play by Pasolini in south-east Brazil, among the militant Rural Landless Workers Movement. The history of Brazil and its landless workers, the construction of a utopia, the political struggle, theatrical research and Pasolini’s text are woven together, and reflect each other in a film/fable—a sort of contemporary saga looking for a solution.

Carmen Artigas has worked in fashion for nearly 20 years, most recently in sustainable design, consulting, and sourcing. She will present on her experience of working in India with artisan communities reviving endangered crafts, as well as reevaluating the human and environmental cost of products, advocating for craftsmanship, and redefining “made-in” and “made-by”.

Paulina Suarez is a doctoral candidate in Cinema Studies at NYU. Her research interests include Latin American cinema and modernity, popular film genres, and immigrant home movies, and she will present a description of her thesis.

Melissa Godoy Nieto is a multidisciplinary Mexican artist and designer and will discuss her current body of work. She will share how her nostalgia, fascination, and appreciation for Mexico developed while being far from the country and re-descovering it every time she goes back. This has become the main source of inspiration for her contemporary art and design. Born in Tijuana (1985) and raised in Culiacán Sinaloa, México, she is currently based in Brooklyn.

Sebastian Diaz Aguirre is a director, cinematographer, editor & art director from Tijuana, currently working in Tijuana, San Diego, Mexico City and Brooklyn. He will present along with Beyza Boyacioglu, an excerpt of the film Caribbean Nights.

Don’t forget: bring drinks or something tasty to share!

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