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OPEN CALL : The Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth

Application deadline November 15, 2016
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(for instructions see below)


What is E.M.B.C.L.???

Curated by Flux Artists-in-Residence Seth Timothy Larson and Abigail EntsmingerThe Endless and Mobile Beautiful Collapsible Labyrinth will be an interactive sculptural installation taking over Flux Factory’s gallery February-March 2017. Selected sculpture, 2-D works, video, sound and performance will inhabit a serpentine maze of moveable track-mounted walls, a kaleidoscopic reimagining of rolling library stacks. This process will damage, activate, expand or alter the artworks, challenging the preciousness of the art object and creating a playful interactivity.  In a fever-dream attempt to rival MoMA and the Louvre, Flux Factory will amass the most exhibition-ready wall space per sq ft on Earth. Visitors will be invited to roll through the “stacks” to discover the works, moving the walls in and out of place. Commissioned artworks can address themes of infinity, illusion, museum architecture, precarity, scale, materiality and destruction. The exhibition will occupy two spaces, the Lobby and the Labyrinth.

Open Call for artworks in the Labyrinth for the Mobile and Collapsible:

We are looking for artworks that respond to the labyrinth architecturally, conceptually or performatively.  The EMBCL is an opportunity for artists working in experimental mediums to present work in an exploratory interactive space. Sculptures might challenge the preciousness of the art object through being destroyed and degraded by pressed-together walls. Video or sound might be activated or altered through motion. Performers might influence the motion of the EMBCL itself. The moving of the walls could reveal “stages” for performers or projected works; performers could also roam through the labyrinth. Artists of all mediums are encouraged to apply.

Open Call for artworks in the Lobby for the Beautiful and Endless:

The Lobby introduces the attendee to the Labyrinth. Riffing on the grandeur of towering museum foyers, the Lobby for the Beautiful and Endless establishes the tone and head space of the entire exhibition. Artworks that play with infinity and sensory overload will prepare the attendee to explore the moving walls and hidden spaces in the next room. Visual works and performances could expand or contract the space of the gallery through elaborate mechanisms or illusions. We are looking for artworks that complement the Labyrinth, but that would not be subjected to its crushing apparatus, so this would be the ideal location for more fragile pieces.  

How to apply:

By November 15, 2016, email with a description of your proposed artwork, and a CV, portfolio or website with information about your past work.  We’re eager to discuss how to best realize a potential project with you, so if in doubt, reach out!


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