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MART’s Invite or Reject

Opening reception: July 9, 6 pm
Dates: Wednesdays through Sundays, July 9 – 30
Hours: noon – 6 pm

Invite or Reject is an ambitious new Irish Visual Arts Exhibition curated by MART’s Ciara Scanlan and Matthew Nevin. The show consists of 15 selected Irish artists to create new work spread over a three-city exhibition.

The first leg of a three part exhibition opened in Chicago in June 2011. The second part opens at Flux Factory in July, and the show will carry on to C4 Gallery Los Angeles in August. This exhibition showcases some of Ireland’s leading and emerging visual artists, highlighting their position in the international contemporary art scene.

MART’S Invite or Reject refers to the duality of understanding and miscommunication that exists within Irish emigration. It was common for the Irish to be rejected and treated as second-class citizens for the early part of the 19th century. This Irish diaspora flocked to America for a better life away from famine, war and hardship, and to help build a better homeland. In spite of over 37 million Irish Americans, the current political and social climate in America and Ireland presents obstacles for gaining a work visa, consequently turning America into a holiday destination for the Irish–which is in stark contrast to its history.

MART is an Irish visual artist organization. Our primary aim is to create a platform for new media, installation, experimental film, and performance artists to showcase their work. MART was founded on an inclusive ethos, to inspire a curiosity for knowledge, to bring contemporary art to the forefront of culture by actively engaging people from all sectors of society in both its viewing and production.

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Contact: Matthew Nevin 601.613.5716 or Ciara Scanlan 601.613.6710
For press inquiries, email

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