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May Flux Thursday

flux thursday flyer

Thursday May 8, 8pm +
FREE! But please bring something delicious to share!

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon, which is organized this month by Flux Artists-in-Residence, Ben Seretan and Gil Lopez.

  • Entomophagy in theory and in practice, aka we’re gonna serve up some crickets and meal worms and eat ’em all up! Presented by Flux Artist-in-Residence Gil Lopez.
  • A casual screening of Encino Man, the 1992 film that follows the story of two loser teenagers that discover a caveman preserved in ice in their southern California backyard. He awakes from his cryogenic freeze and wreaks havoc! Far less brilliant than either of the two Bill and Ted adventures, we’ll thaw this frozen primordial film from the dug-up backyard of culture. Maybe it’ll wreak some havoc, or just maybe we’ll become the coolest kids in school. Wheeze the juice!
  • Flux Artist-in-Residence Ben Seretan will present – for the first time ever – his multimedia collaborative album, made via the Internet in the summer of 2010 with artist Angus McCullough. The project features songs based on dying video game cabinets, facts about hummingbirds, thoughts about living in rural Missouri, a digital maze made out of nested folders, references to sports cars, animations, emails, shots from Google street view, and many other strange digital artifacts. To download the project, please see:
& potentially more surprises!
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