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Date: Saturday, July 2, 2011
Time: 4 pm – on

This day-long event explores the practical, philosophical, and playful applications of the term “hacking.” Presentations and workshops will cover topics such as circuit bending, culture jamming, dumpster diving, email encryption, and the repurposing of waste items into useful tools. The symposium is geared towards providing visitors with foundational information in order to become hackers themselves. Hackposium is part of Flux Factory’s Summer School program and is curated by Jaime Iglehart via New Age Beverages, in collaboration with Pete Edwards of Casper Electronics.

Demos of hacked objects and freegan snacks start at 4pm.
Talks and presentations start at 6 pm, and are followed by musical performances.

Zacqary Adam Green and Plankhead will present a short talk and workshop on the importance and uses of email encryption. Show up with your computer and leave the Hackposium ready to write and receive encrypted email.

Video artist and dumpster diver Jason Tschantre, of will discuss the philosophy and practical elements of freeganism and  the tactical use of waste items towards the enhancement of daily life, including en exploration of the hows and whys of dumpster diving in New York City.

Syed Salahuddin and Joe Salina of the Brooklyn-based independent video game arcade Babycastles will talk about how to set up hardware and write custom software to automate DIY video games, as well as how to start your own independent arcade.

Jordan Seiler of PublicAdCampaign will give a presentation on public media curation and the importance of actively engaging your environment. Highlighting a number of simple and affective forms of street level advertising takeovers (including phonebooth, street level billboards, and Augmented Reality, Jordan will reveal the tools and tactics for simple public curation of our shared spaces.

Artist and circuit bender Benjamin Gaulon of will join us via skype for a guided tour of  CCTV and hardware hacking projects, including how to turn surveillance into broadcast, controlling a remote-control toy via twitter, and re-using discarded digital information.

Nick Normal of Maker Faire New York will present an open interpretation to “hacking” and the groups and spaces that make it possible. Including hackerspaces, makerspaces, labs, studios, foundries, facilities, factories – they’re all throughout the five boroughs, but where are they and what are they up to?

Ed Bear and Lea Bertucci present ExiTrip, a project which hacks the outmoded ipod accessory iTrip to make a low power transmitter capable of functioning independently from an iPod. Beyond just putting sound on the radio, the ExiTrip can function as a digital controller, synthesizer, and much more.

Jamie O’shea of substitute materials will discuss an absurd extrapolation of the DIY movement with his project Immaculate Telegraphy, demonstrating how a well-informed caveman could have started the internet.


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