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Memory Palace: Brooklyn College MFA Thesis Exhibition, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday May 20th, 6-10 pm

May 20 – June 5, 2011
Open daily from 1- 6 pm

The ‘memory palace’ is an ancient memorization technique, in which one mentally furnishes a remembered architectural space with vivid, off the wall mnemonic imagery. The 2011 Brooklyn College MFA Thesis Exhibition resembles a memory palace, in that it is idiosyncratic rather than unified and endeavors to make a virtue of this heterogeneity. The memory palace also serves as a metaphor for the academic experience: In an MFA program, the school supplies the quantitative structures that order the experience–the space, the time, the schedules, the deadlines–and the students furnish the bureaucratic boxes with color, with strangeness, with life.

Participating Artists: Linda Bernal, Julia Cocuzza, Gregory Hayes, Megan Hays, Michele Liebler, Hector Madera-Gonzalez, Allison Merz, Madison Omahne, Ivan Rivera, Nooshin Rostami, Natalie Taylor, and Boris Torres.

Curated by Adam Thompson.

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