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thetOOth&therOOt present Armageddon

Solo Exhibition by thetOOth&therOOt: Camille and Nikita Kravtsov

August 24th – 27th
Opening Reception
Thursday, August 24th, 6pm
Film Screening: Short Films
Sunday, August 27th, 6pm

The contemporary understanding of Armageddon has come to mean much more than its original religious definition. The prophecy of Armageddon in the book of Revelation is the final battle between the forces of good and evil. In today’s context however, who is deciding which forces are good and which are evil? Who’s moral compass is directing this battle and to what political end? How does this narrative relate to the ways that we are treating the environment or each other in the current political moment?  

The work of thetOOth&therOOt witnesses the violence in society, and the move towards self-destruction that gradually brings us closer to a version of Armageddon. Through painting, collage, drawing and textiles, thetOOth&therOOt muse on this destruction and present a new vision of Paradise. This paradise however, is a caricature of the Biblical Paradise, illustrating all that is most beautiful, most enjoyable, but in such an excessive and exaggerated way that it becomes stifling, destroying any envy towards those with access to this paradise.

 thetOOth&therOOt Present Armageddon, carries an anti-violence and anti-war message, and suggests that it is better to access the “Earthly Paradise” by preserving humanity, the Earth, the Environment rather than a utopian Paradise after death. This work does not explore religion, but explores society, human relationships, and our contact with the world around us.
TheTooth&TheRoot  are Ukranian artist Nikita Kravtsov and French artist Camille Sagnes Kravtsova, partners in life and collaborators in art. They have been making audio and video work together since 2015, using painting, embroidery drawings and collage to create animations of social commentary and absurdity. 
Sunday, August 27th, 6pm
Film Screening:  
WAR IS OVER, 4:18 min
video directed by The Tooth and The Rooth 
music by StereOrpheo feat Anton Slepakov
THE COLD WAR, 2:54 min
Video and music directed by The Tooth and The Rooth
video made by The Tooth and The Root 
music by Idan Rafael Haviv, promotions video for The Tooth and The Root

video and music directed by The Tooth and The Root

UKRAINE EURO 2016, 0:27 min
video and music directed by The Tooth and The Root

Nikita and Camille are supported by The Biruchiy Contemporary Art Project and the Trust for Mutual Understanding.
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