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April Flux Thursday: April 10


Thursday April 10, 8pm +
FREE! But please bring something delicious to share!

Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon, which is organized this month by Flux Curator-in-Residence, Chris Stiegler. This time around Flux Thursday is all about collectivism! Around our dinner table members of our community will toast to ideas of collective practice, communal ideologies, and how we find a productive place in between.

The plan is simple; We’ll use this as a chance for us to have a conversation about our practices in collectivism. We’ll use the kitchen the way we do during parties: actively cooking, presenting food, eating, talking. Intermittently, anyone is invited to stand up and give a toast to the triumphs (and trials) of collective art practice.

The evening is structured similarly to, where members of a dinner party eulogized the god Eros in short speeches about the ups and downs of love — except this time for collectivism.


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