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Flux Thursday: November 8, 2012

November 8th, 8pm+
Join us for Flux Thursday, our monthly potluck dinner and art salon. Dinner starts at 8 in the kitchen, and then around 9:30 we’ll head to the gallery for artist presentations. Bring drinks or something delicious to share!

Putting aside unprofessional fears of rejection, looking dumb, or failure, Aliya Bonar asks, what would your most courageous self do, say, and wear? Button up your PowerSuit for Bonar’s PowerPoint. Phuc Le will introduce his upcoming show, scheduled for mid-January at the Flux Gallery, in the form of a show-and-tell session of work-in-progress and his thought process. Irene Lee will discuss the art of storytelling through bookmaking. Nathaniel Sullivan will present his recent performance works along with a short video.

Image courtesy Phuc Le.

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