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Sundays in January 2016, 5-7 pm

1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31


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Facilitated by Ayden LeRoux, SexEd is a month-long series of workshops to be held at Flux Factory that will give participants an opportunity to talk about sexuality safely, practice and become more comfortable with open communication, and to discuss theory about sexuality. Each workshop will last approximately 2 hours and be held on Sunday evenings from 5-7 pm. Anyone is welcome to attend and the class will be free (with a suggested $5 donation). It is strongly encouraged but not required that people attend all four workshops in order to create a cohesive atmosphere.


Week 1: Communicating Desire

  1. Learning how to create safe spaces for discussion (asking for and outlining certain communication practices)
  2. Authentic expressions of desire, talking without fear (or acknowledging fear when it is there)
  3. Alternative sexual practices
  4. Invitations and fantasy


Week 2: Shaping Relationships

  1. Getting out of default formations
  2. Boundaries and consent
  3. Jargon: Open relationships, polyamory, partnered nonmonogamy, solo non-monagamy and other shapes of relationship (jargon)
  4. Sexlessness: Asexuality and celibacy
  5. The notion of virginity


Week 3: Sex and Community

  1. Privacy vs. Openness
  2. Who do you sleep with? Deciding what feels appropriate for you and for the group you live with (at work, at home, at school)
  3. How do you talk about sex and with whom?
  4. Male dominance being demonized
  5. Gender equality in partnerships and living spaces
  6. Intimacy and Affection


Week 4: Intersections of Art and Sex (with guest speaker Katy McCarthy, from Flirtmoji)

  1. Why is it important to be discussing sex in an art space?
  2. Depicting sex inclusively
  3. Art as a way to communicate about sex
  4. Art as a place of sexual expression



  1. to practice open communication (with friends, lovers, partners)
  2. to practice expressing ourselves sexually, positively (physically and verbally)
  3. to practice receiving others sexual expressions and desires (whether or not one reciprocates)
  4. to talk about sexuality and community, and the language of such



  1. This is a safe and confidential space. We encourage you to extend the discussions we have here outside this space with those here and those that aren’t here, but please if you repeat what we talk about here, do so with anonymity.
  2. This is an open space that is here to receive you as you are. We won’t judge you and we ask that you don’t judge others.
  3. This is a sex positive space. We are all for pleasure, health and safety. Please ask for what you need, state what you want, and feel empowered to voice if something makes you uncomfortable.


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