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Antibodies Book Release

Friday 11/27 at 7pm
Flux Factory Gallery, 39-31 29 Street, Long Island City, NY 11101

Saturday 11/28 at 6pm
Central Booking, 111 Front Street, Gallery 214, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Brandstifter and HuelsTrunk are celebrating the funky collages and cut-up texts of their recent release,Antibodies.  They will perform sound loops, give lectures and screenings, sign books, and present limited handmade editions of their book.  Antibodies is part of the artist book collection of MoMA.  The release will be followed by a performance by Sk Orchestra with Casio Sk1s, strips of modern plastic, and vintage circuitry.  The orchestra samples conventional elements of the sonic spectrum, fuel for regeneration.


Antibodies is a collaborative book project by interdisciplinary artist and musician Mainz-based Brandstifter (Firestarter), currently residing in New York, and word-and-sound artist Dirk HuelsTrunk from Frankfurt.  A modern guidebook meant to enhance our understanding of mental and physical health, it also establishes a well-balanced relationship between truth and folly.  Antibodies disconnects body parts, misunderstanding first aid manuals and distorting medical facts.  Absurdities and nonsense are applied to strengthen the vital immune power and keep inherent performance constraints at bay. Brandstifter used a yellowed German first aid book from the 1930’s as the source for his absurd collaging.  The Antibodies text, cut up, crafted, and collaged by Dirk HuelsTrunk, is based on medicine and nursing books.  With the help of modern surgery, it is possible to twist the cold-technical-abstract-bureaucratic language of medicine and give it a poetic surreality.

Antikörper/Antibodies €“ Brandstifter & HuelsTrunk

Lichtblau Verlag, Frankfurt am Main, 2009

24 collages and a silkscreen print

24 cut-up texts in German and English

English by Fred W. Bergmann

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