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January 22-26, 2015

Opening Reception:
January 23rd, 7 pm

Gallery visits by appointment (email

friendship image ariel abrahams

Who makes me laugh out loud? Who holds my hair back when I vomit? Who takes care of me when I am sick? Tell me of the mysteries of friendship. Of a strength that goes beyond the physical. It brings such a quality of joy that on the merit of its strength it must exist long after we die. That we speak every day for 3 months and then stop for 3 years; a friendship lightly peppered with emoji text messages. Yet we are not broken. That there are some who bring me down, and yet they are my friends. That there are some who make my heart sing, and yet we are not friends. Why? And that through and through it is understood, ubiquitously and through the ages, that friendship is golden, and at that, it is the most solid of goldens.

FRIENDSHIP features work by friends of Ariel Abrahams, as well as work by their friends. FRIENDSHIP will also host two sleepovers, one at the start of the show (January 22nd) and one at the closing (January 26th). These sleepovers will feature performances, games, television watching, cooking, and sleeping. Please email ( for details on how to attend.

Featuring works from:

Rafael Abrahams
Richard Aufrichtig
Alex Beth
Camilla Carper
Molly Cox
Katie DeSalvo
Divya Farias
Kendell Harbin
Bonella Holloway
Rebecca Israel
Catherine Kossack
Jessica Polaniecki
Rebecca Pristoop
Maya Quattropani
Ye Taik
Christina Thomopoulos

Curated by Ariel Abrahams.

Ariel Abrahams was born in New York in 1988 and graduated from New York University in 2010. His work has been performed in venues and universities worldwide including the Embros Theater in Athens, Greece, Front Space in Kansas City, Princeton University, Night Kitchen in Philadelphia and numerous venues in New York City. He writes poetry and opera in email, inky pen drawings, .zip files, audio, sleepovers, long walks, shabbat dinners, and records under the name lonohomo. He is fascinated by religion, group dynamics, and imagination. Ariel is currently a resident at Flux Factory in Queens, New York, and is the Director of Public Engagement for the theater group Odyssey Works.

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