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Flux Factory invades ACE Hotel

ACE Hotel invited five Flux Residents to participate in their Sunday Artist-in-Residence Series. The following Fluxers are using their hotel-stays to research, open up dialogues, and delve deeper into current projects. 


Sunday October 5th: LENA HAWKINS & MICHAEL DIPIETRO: FALLEN PEARLS (V.S.O.P.) is a new performance installation work by artists Michael DiPietro and Lena Hawkins. Drawing on psychological case studies and daytime dramas, Fallen Pearls (V.S.O.P.) unfolds a narrative of unrequited lovers, stifled by the oppressive demands of high society and the family name. Perhaps promised to others, or perhaps brother and sister, there is an insidious force that conspires Maryanne and Daniel F. from fulfilling their desires; given one last night together, they are drawn into a dark, consummating ritual that can only end in a cliffhanger.

Sunday October 12th: GIL LOPEZ: Through his ACE A.I.R. Gil Lopez will gather a small group of activist artists to critique the exploitation of creatives as social capital for corporate branding. Complicit or combative, artists play an active, yet sometimes invisible or unidentified, role in advertising, gentrification, capitalism and other social mechanisms. On this evening we will playing our role as cultural provocateurs, unpack some of these concepts and leave our dissenting notes as artifact of our resistance.

Sunday October 19th: AYDEN GROUTAyden L.M. Grout will continue work on her recent project “Pillow Book,” which uses photography, installation, video, and text, to explore the physical, emotional, and spatial influence of beds. Within the walls of the ACE Hotel, she will consider the wealth of stories that the ever-changing list of occupants have imprinted on the hotel’s rooms.

Sunday October 26th: WILL OWEN: Will Owen intends to ride the elevator at the ACE hotel all night and request recipes from anyone riding the elevator. These recipes will be added to a growing collection of recipes that people have memorized. Will has been gathering people’s memorized recipes for more than 8 years across Canada, Mexico, Taiwan, Cambodia, Italy, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic, and the US. The first volume of these recipes and stories of their collection will be released as open source material in Spring 2015.

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