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Tom’s Etching Studio
5th Floor
9 Queen’s Yard
E9 5EN
Opening August 10th8pm – 11pm
Flux Factory
39-31 29th St.
Long Island City, NY
Opening August 10th6pm – 9pm



‘3459’ is the first collaboration between RELAPSE Collective and curator Emireth Herrera. The exhibition aims to connect London and New York by using Tom’s Etching Studio and Flux Factory as the two portals to do so.

Artists and viewers will be connected through a 6 day live stream between the two spaces. With the time difference acting as a natural curator, we invite the public to witness the transition and coming together of the two gallery spaces as time permits.

The theme of the exhibition arose from its format, inviting artists to build from their own interpretation of this ‘marriage’. The two spaces will host installed works and a schedule of performances on a daily basis. The aim always, to connect individuals and question the boundaries physical space imposes.

Through a multilingual open call, 3459 will feature the following artists. See list of artists below schedule!


Aaron Kutnick

Amy Fung-yi Lee

Andreas Savva

Anne Murray / Joshua Dylan Rubin / Sylvia Arthur

Argy Sampoutzakis

Ben Hicock / Felix Gottdiener

Ben Grosser

Caitlin Foley / Misha Rabinovich

Carmen Bouyer / Romain Takeo Bouyer / Chloe Devanne Langlais

Christina Freeman

Claudia Edwards

Clovis Cunha

Daniel Krueger

Donika Llakmani

Elliot Zabaroff / Lucy Wilson

Gabriela Vainsencher

Hannah Clarkson


Jayson Patterson

Jeff Kahn

Joelle Fleurantin

Jolene Farren

Jonas Weber Herrera

Keren Anavy

Lauren Hart

Lee Nutbean

Maria Luisa Ruocco


Niki Passath

Nikolas Kasinos

Nine Tails

Nissa Nishikawa

Noriko Okaku

Olesya Shchukina

Oscar Lett

Sereina Steinemann

Stefan Moscu 

Thomas Ganon

Vargas-Suarez Universal / Stephen Barber / Bob Malach / Andres Levin

Vasiliki Antonopoulou

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