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Alisha Monypenny

Alisha Monypenny‘s work assumes that the way we live can be a cathartic approach to identifying larger patterns of cultural significance. She’s interested in the motivating forces behind memoir, the negotiation between an artist’s willingness to reveal a thing and the audience’s desire to consume it. Imagining these forces, these specific interests and demands like two waves crashing into each other so perfectly timed and measured that the impact is just a horizon line. If our stories really are such meeting points between distinct intentions and desires, Alisha interested in the etiquette and choreography of this abutment; those mechanisms used to transform our lived experiences into someone else’s panorama.

Alisha Monypenny was raised in rural Ohio and educated at the Rhode Island School of Design and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She currently lives and works in the Chicagoland area. Her practice combines multiple modalities including painting, performance and creative writing.

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