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Alison Ward

Alison Ward’s performances, videos and sculptures create a world populated by a masked and costumed cast that re-interpret her own image in the form of popular cultural icons. Her characters struggle with each other and the audience through activities that combine violence and overt sexuality with slapstick physical humor. With the help of these characters, She creates scenarios that simultaneously exist in the realms of physical comedy and the unknown.

Exhibitions include Haven Arts, The Dumbo Arts Center, and the Bronx Museum as well as the CCCB Museum in Spain, RAW Space Gallery in Australia and Castlefield Gallery in England. She has done residencies at Raw Space in Australia, The Artist in the Marketplace Program, and the LMCC studio program, The Waterpod Project in New York City, and LMCC’s Swing Space Program. She has received grants from the Brooklyn Arts Council and the Lewisham Arts council in London to perform her work.

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