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Applications open for Flux’s Managing Director

After 3 years of working at Flux Factory, our wonderful Residency Director Carina Kaufman-Gutierrez is moving on to new and exciting adventures.  Though we’re saddened to lose such an important community leader, we’re looking forward to expanding the role into a full time job — for the first time ever, Flux will have two full time employees.  We’re pleased to announce an opening for Managing Director.

Artists-in-Residence and staffers collaborate frequently at Flux

Flux Factory Managing Director Job Description

Hours: Full Time, 40 hrs / week
Salary: Approximately $31k / ann
To apply: email with “Managing Director Applicant” in the subject and with CV and cover letter attached.  All applications are due by March 31.

Flux Factory is one of NYC’s longest standing collective art spaces, founded in Williamsburg in 1993 and residing since 2002 in Long Island City, Queens. We support a welcoming community of international cultural producers, including (but not limited to) artists, community organizers, urban agriculturalists, educators, curators, builders, game designers and musicians.  Since introducing our formal residency program in 2009, more than 200 Fluxers have produced prolific, eccentric and diverse programs within a socially engaging and collaborative environment. Today, Flux manages a community-oriented artist-in-residence program of 16 private studios, shared workspaces and a public events gallery.

Flux is seeking a Managing Director to report to the Executive Director of Flux Factory in managing the organization. The Managing Director will have primary responsibility for facilitating the core Flux Factory programs including Residency, Exhibitions and Education. The Managing Director will also be a key team member in meeting our development goals alongside our Board of Directors, Executive and Development staffers.

Flux is a unique organization that requires an inspired Managing Director with strategic thinking skills, curatorial savvy, inbox wizardry, and the ability to navigate interpersonal dynamics with cultural producers from varying socio-economic, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds. The MD should feel comfortable working as a professional manager in an informal internal environment that depends on the cooperation of staff and an entire community of artists. The MD should learn how to inspire collaboration that results in unique programming despite limited resources. The ideal candidate demonstrates strong engagement with socially engaged art practices and contemporary art trends, as well as the capacity to manage multiple projects, priorities, and deadlines.  It’s a challenging job in a supportive environment, a wonderful opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills, with many opportunities to leave one’s mark.

Flux’s coworking office

Some broad responsibilities include the following:

The MD will be the chief facilitator of our international residency program that hosts approximately 35 residents each year, both through open-calls and organizational partnerships. MD will lead call-outs, scheduling, onboarding, rent collection, developing opportunities for residents, attending resident meetings, and more.

The MD will support curators of four major Flux Factory group exhibitions each year. While curators are chiefly responsible for production, MD will oversee project budget and administration, ensure milestones are met, guide overall strategy, publicity, and lend assistance as needed. MD will provide similar support for resident-produced programs, educational programs and gallery rentals. Overall, Flux produces approximately 50 public programs per year and while each program has its own curator, the MD’s role will be to ensure all the organizational tools are in place for success.

Flux produces two major fundraising events per year, including silent art auctions, banquets, and walk-a-thons. The MD will play a large role in the production of these events through soliciting participants, seeking sponsors, growing committees, planning production, and more. Additionally, the MD will participate in developing and managing programs for increasing Flux Factory’s earned income.

The MD will generally contribute to the Flux Factory team, representing Flux Factory to stakeholders, partners, supporters, press and the public; collaborate to develop strategy; and supervise volunteers. As a member of the Flux Factory artist collective, the Managing Director will have the same opportunity as other Flux Factory participants to take part in Flux Factory activities on a volunteer basis.

Flux Factory is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, creed, disability, marital status, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

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