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Call for Proposals – 2009-2010 Programming

Flux Factory, an artist collective and artist-run center in NYC, is currently accepting proposals for collaborative art projects for our 2009-2010 programming. Projects must commission new work that is collaborative in nature. We create projects in which artists can interact and experiment in ways that produce new works, either as thematic group shows or as giant collaborative works within themselves. Projects must be structured to accommodate an open call to local and international artists.

Examples of past shows include turning the gallery into a giant music box, a exhibition inspired by a movie, an exquisite-corpse exercise in a derelict building, an interdisciplinary monument to Tatlin, an edible art show, bus tours by artists, and many many more.

Since we’re temporarily losing our headquarters, we’re looking for itinerant projects, or ones that we could find specific venues for. Budgets for each show are around $4000 all inclusive.

Think big!

Submissions should be no longer than a one page description of the project, and should be emailed to with the subject heading “Proposal.” Deadline for submissions is November 26th, 2008.A bit about us:

Flux Factory began as a collective living space in 1994, in an old spice factory in Williamsburg, New York City. Its original members were undergraduates at the New School For Social Research (now New School University). About four years later, with a new stage built and twice as many members, the Flux Factory living room evolved into a site for art events and performances of all kinds. Flux became an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 1999 and moved to Long Island City, Queens in 2002.

We have since evolved into one of the major arts organizations in the Queens cultural life, producing art shows attended by thousands. Our mission is to commission innovative collaborative art projects. These projects force participants to work with people they’ve never worked with before, or with unfamiliar media, or formal constraints. Over 500
international and local artists have collaborated with and through Flux Factory.

Since becoming incorporated in 1998 our funding has grown steadily. We have recently received funding from the Greenwall Foundation, The Andy Warhol Foundation, Carnegie Corporation, New York State Council on the Arts, Puffin Foundation, New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, and the Queens Council on the Arts.

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