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a comix fluxture

The artists: established and emerging cartoonists, illustrators, and graphic novelists. The project: create a maze of intersecting paths in the Flux Factory gallery space over which comic book characters will interact and develop. Visitors are invited to walk through the maze and experience a Choose Your Own Adventure story, with side-plots, dead-ends, and parallel narrative universes, created in a collaborative atmosphere. Depending on which directions visitors choose at various junctures along the way, the course of the story will be altered accordingly. A visitor would be able to walk through the maze several times and see different versions and permutations of the narrative each time they do. The Comix Fluxture takes comic art and illustration seriously as a vibrant contemporary art form, but not by refusing to have fun

Participating Artists: Woojung Ahn, Vanessa Davis, Andrea Dezso, Daupo, Alex Holden, Aya Kakeda, Joy Kolitsky, Wendi Koontz, Yunmee Kyong, Jason Little

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