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Christopher Stiegler

Art historian and curator, Chris Stiegler is more publicly known through a string of aliases. For three years (2008-2012) he was working collaboratively under the moniker Town Hall Meeting. That project focused on public discourse, art viewership, and performance practice. Routinely the project was executed in public fora in New York City, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the New Museum of Contemporary Art, and the New York Public Library.  More recently, the nom de plume has been the Institute for American Art (IfAA), a salon style art exhibition venue set up in Mr. Stiegler’s private home. The IfAA showcases a single object or scheme at a time, pulled from a varied set of cultural producer; including painters Eric Wendel and Marsden Hartley, publishers Billy Miller and Darin Klein, and performance artist Brandon Alvendia. The exhibitions always include both boisterous public events and quieter moments of conference. Mr. Stiegler is at Flux as a Curatorial Resident, exploring notions of play, value, and market structure.

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