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Classics on Tape

October 16th, 2004 5pm

Every book is a €˜classic’, in its own special way. But some are more classifiably classic than others. Flux Factory would like to give its own nod to some of the most popularly recognized classic literature of the world.

On Saturday, Oct 16th, 2004 Flux Factory, as part of the What The Book? show, presents a performance slash reading series slash recording session in one great night. Ten participants will read ten different international classics, simultaneously, for the public, from beginning to end.

The event will be a telethon-style event, hosted by the venerable Daupo Gassaway, which will urge donations from viewers in this exciting marathon. Beverages, medical care, and snacks will be provided to the readers, but they must not stop reading until they are finished. Additionally, each reader will have his or her session recorded, and available for future sale. (Of course, it is expected that all the readings will bleed into each other, thus making for a nicely multifarious recording.)

Classics On Tape. A perfect way to enjoy the classics. All at once.

free and open to the public. Event begins at 5pm.

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