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Dylana Dillon

Dylana Dillon – one of Flux’s Community Organizers in Residence – is an activist, artist and educator hailing from the beautiful green mountains of Vermont. Dylana’s work can be viewed primarily through the lenses of environmental justice and cross cultural exploration. She has spent the past four years working on various conservation, food sovereignty, and eco-literacy work in Central America, Argentina, Spain, and Cuba. Her work aims to activate grassroots movement – particularly youth led – by inspiring the senses, sharing knowledge, and creating channels of transparency through visual art, documentation, and horizontal organizing.

She is psyched to be back in New York City where you can find her farming the Flux rooftop, biking around the boroughs – camera in tow, or heading out to the shore in her “Mobile Office”, the 1986 Toyota Dolphin that she operates for Occupy Sandy.

Dylana daydreams in self-sufficiency, and her daily efforts are framed by the creation of innovative models and pathways to holistic community development. By exploring new spaces, sharing experiences, and experimenting with cooperative organizational strategies, her work pushes boundaries and engages people in connecting with each other, the natural world, and everything in between. She believes that by making these connections and persistently challenging social “norms” we can cultivate the skills needed to create dynamic, sustainable systems that contribute to more resilient standards of life on this sweet little planet.

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