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Emi Nishiwaki

Emi Nishiwaki is an artist from Kobe, Japan. She creates installation art using video and photography, though the process of creation, concept, and transition hold more value to her than the final, visual result. She cuts short clips of live performances that cannot be recreated (singular characteristics) using video and photography as a means to capture and reproduce them (producible characteristics). She then installs the images into the exhibition space as an installation work, so that the audience can experience the ‘singular characteristics’ at that specific place and time.

Her formal interest in art began in high school where she dabbled in oil and watercolor paintings. She then entered Musashino Art University where she studied video, photography and performance art. She has participated in exhibitions internationally, including a solo show at the Nordic House in Iceland, Nottingham Trent University Gallery in England and live performances at Super Deluxe in Tokyo, Japan.

Emi Nishiwaki is supported by the Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation, Japan for her residency at Flux Factory.

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