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Emireth Herrera

Emireth Herrera is a visual arts researcher and curator. She works as a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Coahuila in Coahuila, Mexico. In order to foster academic research she has organized expositions and international artistic events that involve sustainability and site-specific actions.

As a curator in residence at Residency Unlimited, New York City, Herrera analyzed the artistic scene in the city, had studio visits, interviews and wrote about contemporary artists as a means of generating future projects.

In 2014, she was the Executive Director of LivingArtRoom, the online platform dedicated to promoting artist portfolios. She participates with the international magazine, LARmagazine as Text at Large Collaborator, writing and interviewing contemporary artists.

She sees the artistic process as a scenography that is conveyed behind the scenes, where registers and interviews are the tools to deepen into symbols and significances.

She believes that collaboration is essential to generate community which makes us strong as individuals and empowers networks to defeat ideas and enlighten situations. She have been a member of various organizations such as El Nodo, which is located in an abandoned train station rounded by houses made by cardboard and steel.

Now, Emireth Herrera is in residency at Flux Factory in Queens, New York for the summer 2016, where she will be analyzing the creative process in community and curating the collective show “3459” with Relapse through the open call Relapse/Flux.

Photograph by Alejandro Alvarado





Emireth’s residency is sponsored by Universidad Autonoma de Coahuila


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