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Flux’s Kickstarter Campaign

2009 was a milestone year for Flux Factory. After hundreds of people wouldn’t let us shut our doors in 2008 as our building was claimed for a public works project, we took it as a necessary growth opportunity and renovated an old warehouse in Long Island City, Queens. The building is bigger, more centrally located, and has a gallery that gives us lots of room to promote the work of emerging artists.

Thanks to our broad community, dozens of volunteers helped us for months to breathe life into this new building, painting walls, setting up spaces, putting up lights, and all the glorious work that comes with rejuvenating buildings. But there was one thing we couldn’t do ourselves — get a proper HEATING SYSTEM. Ours was old and barely functioned, so we hired the extremely sweet Fire and Ice Heating and Cooling Company to get us through the winter. What would have cost us over $150,000 is now costing us a fraction, but it’s still too rich for our blood. Your dollars would go directly to fostering a creative community that works for itself and helps others along the way.

We even made an awesome little video explaining our plight! Yes, we’re only a few weeks shy of the arrival of spring. We’re definitely through the thick of winter, but as there are more winters to come, this is a long term investment!

There is no minimum, and donating is easy. Here’s how it works:
1) Go to our Kickstarter page (or click on the image):
2) Take a look at the rewards and see how much you’d be willing to donate. No matter how small, ALL donations are deeply appreciated.
3) Click on “Back This Project.”
4) Enter your amount and select your reward.
5) You will need to sign up with
6) Enter your credit card info using a secure account.

If we don’t meet our goal in the end, you won’t get charged!

Please visit Kickstarter to donate now, and help us spread the word!

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