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Gezi Cao

Gezi is a writer and artist based in NYC. Her work spans a broad array of media—text, animation, water color, oil painting, and ceramic—that focuses on one central theme: the different ways that people experience loneliness. She graduated from China Communication University’s animation art program in 2005. Upon graduating, she became a feature director at Vision magazine and the Editor-in- Chief of Face. She moved to New York City to work on a book project in Chinese (“New York Girls, Alone,” New Star Press, 2015), which also included film and photography projects. She is now working on an illustrated Japanese book, “Molly the Lonely.” (Poplar Publishing Ltd, 2017, Pending), Her work for the coming show “American Experiments” at Smithsonian National History Museum opens in September, 2017. Her ceramic works are on display at the Fou gallery Brooklyn. .

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