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If There’s No Room for Me I’ll Make One

August 7th-9th

10 am-1 pm


What does belonging means? Where does a sense of belonging come from? Can we find ways to feel part of a place that is unknown, supposedly neutral, maybe even unfamiliar? Why would that help and how can we do it?

Stemming from an idea of belonging based on one’s personal relationship with the physical space (rather than on the given concepts of nation or culture) the workshop will invite participants, through some practical exercises and some narrative assignments to find their own place in the anonymity of the urban environment, guiding them to create a sense of familiarity and look at their surrounding from a perspective of desires and needs. The final impressions and experiences will then be translated into final projects that use the artistic language to either share one’s perspective or to possibly activate a real change. The workshop unfolds through three different concepts on the body in space:

body as volume

body as memory

body as presence

The workshop will happen mostly outside, using Flux Factory as a base camp. While the workshop doesn’t require any particular skills, participants should be ready to sweat and get dirty! Comfortable clothes and shoes are recommended, as well as a passion for wandering and walking.

You must RSVP to attend. Email 

Workshops run by Valentina Medda

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*working sessions could run longer than the allotted 3 hours



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