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Jacobus Capone: The Hallucination in Common

 the hallucination in common

Date: August 20th, moonrise until August 21st, moonset
Location: Clock Tower Plaza Buildings East and West Balconies, at the corner of 41st Avenue and Northern Blvd

Through the gesture to be undertaken atop the clock tower plaza there belies an acknowledgment that the moment we are within, as soon as it is intellectualized, eclipses us. We are forever outside of where we’re within now. Feelings first lived are the same as the last–in irreparable sameness far away. How to-be is infinitely ever out of the place wherein it will be now. As the sun sets and the August full moon rises, Jacobus will accompany it as it traverses the night’s sky. Holding a mirror, the moon’s light will be reflected subtly out to Long Island City, the streets below and beyond.

Please note there will be no public access to the building, as the work is intended to be viewed from a distance.

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