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Katrine Malinovsky

Katrine Malinovsky (b. 1976) has an MFA from the Royal Danish Academy; she is based in Copenhagen but travels frequently to Seoul and New York. Katrine likes to work collaboratively and is also part of the art group Party and Lost and the arts collective Flux Factory.

Since 2003  she been part of the collaborative Randi & Katrine – with fellow artist Randi Jørgensen (b. 1974). The works by Randi & Katrine  are a result of their common interest in combining architecture, objects and narration, and a fascination with monumental scale installations in which a dynamic exchange between the viewer and a specific space are emphasized.

Anthropomorphic houses, artificial gardens, mechanical ships and vernacular architecture are recurrent themes in their large-scale works. Recently the artists have made a number of psychadelic public sculptures around Denmark and South Korea, including a teapot garden house and a pinewood forest-themed playground. They have also been commissioned for a number of public works, including a recent award to create the facade of a Danish public ferry. In 2012 they presented their exhibition “The Tourist Gaze” at Flux Factory.

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