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Lawman Lynch

Lawman Lynch is from the Caribbean Island of Jamaica and is currently living in the United States. He has been playing musical instruments since age seven (7), and is now a Principal Cornet player in New York. Lawman is also a trained vocalist, and has been a part of various chorales for over 10 years.

Lawman believes that the arts can be very impacting on any society, as it has the power to change behaviour while entertain at the same time.  With over four years experience in media, marketing and communications, Lawman is extremely creative with a strong professional background in education, entertainment, documented civil service initiatives and advocacy.

While in Jamaica Lawman initiated “The Lawman Lynch Foundation (LLF)”, which focuses on youth and community development. An annual deliverable of the LLF is a charitable music event, which brings together recording artistes to raise money for marginalized children and/or other causes; among other initiatives.

Lawman also had the opportunity to feature his clothing line (Bla-K) at Caribbean Fashion Week and had them available in various retail stores in Jamaica. Being at FLUX is a perfect opportunity to collaborate with different art forms, primarily visual artistes to possibly lift what is often seen on canvas, and present it to people fashionably on a daily basis (on T-Shirts). Lawman has also initiated “3:16” which is another T-Shirt Concept to be launched in 2012.

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