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Pak-Kei Mak

Pak-Kei is a designer interested in architectural spaces and user experiences. Born in Hong Kong, British Empire, Pak-Kei had since stationarily moved to Hong Kong, China and subsequently Providence, RI and then New York City, received BArch and BFA at Rhode Island School of Design, studied in Rome and in London at Architecture Association School of Architecture, as well as artist residency at the Flux Factory in NYC.

Pak-Kei had shared honors with her teams in various competitions, including Bunny Lounge Design Competition, a permanent installation at RISD; CNet Webware 100 Winner and PC World World Class Awards for Trillian as the Chief Designer of the software company; and HiveMind with Deborah Yoon in City of Dreams at FIGMENT art festival. Pak-Kei had also been selected to exhibit in various shows, such as ProvFlux and NAAB Accreditation Show.

Pak-Kei is interested in designs that blends the boundary between the emotional quality of art and the pragmatism of design, in the form that bridges the 2D (print, identity), 3D (product, interior, architecture) and interactive (web, UI) aspects together. She is currently a contributing member of the House of Yes in Brooklyn, and an active member in the underground art and circus scenes in New York City.

At Flux Factory, Pak-Kei is looking forward to answering questions such as “Who are you talking to?”, “Why do you sacrifice when you can be comfortable?” and “Where does money come from?”

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