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Live Bidding Site!

Flux Factory’s Not-So-Silent Auction & Gala is swiftly approaching! We’ve put together an auction website so that you can bid online early and from afar, in case you can’t make it to the event on December 20th.

Do you love street art? Then take a look at SWOON’s gorgeous “Ice Queen” print. For digital art enthusiasts we’re offering three Manfred Mohr works from the Klangfarben series and a laser engraved work by Marius Watz. And for diehard New Yorkers, we have a signed Duke Riley print that was on display in subway cars this year, and Jer Thorp’s word frequency data visualization of “hope” and “crisis” as they appeared in The New York Times over the course of two decades. Any one interested in current and recent Flux Factory residents would be tickled by the work of Man Bartlett, Ben Dierckx, Angela Washko, and Alex Young.

We also have some incredible works by Holly Coulis, Lori Field, Bo Bartlett, and over 100 other artists!

Bid like you vote: early and often.

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