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Make Zine — June 5th, 2013

“Kitty City, Craftastic Cat Metropolis”
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Our friends at Flux Factory in Queens, NYC, held a one-day kitten adoption event this past weekend. While that alone doesn’t sound like anything above and beyond the ordinary, what they built and how they got there was something special. Partnering with multiple adoption agencies, and hosting four build workshops throughout May with kids and city planners alike, “the humans behind Kitty City” constructed a sprawling 1000 sq. ft. cat-metropolis.
The structures included bridges, thoroughfares, a cat mansion, tassels and strings to wrestle with, and of course plenty of hiding spots!
Kitty City is an inter-generational experiment in collaboration and pedagogy, designed to encourage shared decision-making power and challenge the way we think about the urban environment.
A lot more photos from the opening and workshops can be found here on Flickr.

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