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Marta Masternak

Marta Masternak was born in Poznan, Poland and now lives and works in Berlin. She studied Painting, Sculpture and Multimedia at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and Fine Art at Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. Before she studied Architecture, which was natural pre-development of her current artistic activities. She is also a member of the experimental/noise music groupe: permanenterror Masternak´s work oscillates mostly between sculpture and drawing and it is presented in site-specific arrangements, that intend to evoke a mood rather than telling a story. Her installations are built from mixed media and are based on research into shapes, the fluid transition of material and color from one form to another, and how this impacts the viewer´s perception. Her compositions strike an odd balance between spontaneous expressions and precise calculations, often relating to elements of forms and lines, it creates a visual rhythm and fluid continuity, which exposes the phantom of time, the fragility of movement and the present day human condition. Other important subject in her works is the processing of memory and how this has shifted through engagement with digital media.

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