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Mimi K Tohill

Mimi K Tohill (she/her) fell in love with Flux Factory in 2018. She is a “cultural organizer” in residence.

After working a handful of political campaigns, Tohill ran arts-based community education campaigns to de-stigmatize mental illness and, later, food insecurity. She dreams of being a policy-maker, but for now will settle for building and participating in Jewish ritual, bringing LGBTQ folks into community with our elders, and listening, in tandem with Flux, to the whispers of the possibility of another world, reminding her to act with more trust, perspective, and sweet joy in doing things “for the sake of the future.”

Tohill holds a BA from Franklin University, Switzerland, where she studied nation-building, spent significant time in Jordan and France, and wrote a senior thesis derived from hundreds of hours on Tumblr titled “Global Sisters? Universal Sluts? Questions of Solidarity and Inclusivity in 21st-century Feminism.” She got a B+.

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