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Miracle on 43rd Street

APRIL 26th, 2003 – the tour & the mischief.

There is no reason to be interested in 43rd Street between Northern Blvd. and the BQE in Queens, New York but we’re interested in it and we’re interested in a miracle. Our exhibit will take place on April 26th and it will consist of a map and a little bus tour. The bus will take people to the BQE-end of 43rd Street and the map will help people get back to Flux Factory, which is located at the Northern Blvd.-end of the street. It’s not hard to get back since the street is straight and it leads directly; it’s like the Yellow Brick Road without the colors or the bricks and straighter. Dorothy had such an amazing experience along the course of following this yellow and brick road many things were neither what they seemed to be nor was anything simple. So you can see that the rub is in the map.

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