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In addition to gallery exhibitions, MYU’s work has been shown in bars, cafes, and salons around the world. Her most recent projects combine sight and sound through paintings that are performed in collaboration with live music, some of which were produced by Tower Records, Osaka. In this vein, MYU has developed DJ Music Battle paintings, Dress Paintings (painting on models’ dresses for fashion shows), and Greeting Paintings (painting s produced with the help of kindergartners). Her appearances on radio and TV, where she performs these live paintings, have made her popular amongst teenagers.

MYU believes that art can be produced and appreciated by everyone, and that there is a culture in simple, everyday life.

To further this idea, MYU founded her own company Art Office MYU in September 1999. With the assistance of her brother and various companies, she supports many artists and events. First and foremost, she expresses her art spontaneously through self-reflection based upon what she sees as primal human nature. MYU life’s work is a method of painting which is not bound by styles, techniques, or schools.

MYU’s Lifework:
1976- born in Oita, Japan
1997-studied English in California
1997-participated in 3 group exhibitions
1998-Four solo exhibitions, held in Osaka
1999-Five solo exhibitions, held in Tokyo
2000-Four solo exhibitions, held in her hometown, Oita

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